A young pho­to-friend just asked about what cur­rent Canon lens­es I like and what I’m up to… here’s what I said:

Since I switched to Canon, I bought exact­ly the lens kit I want­ed and love them all. A 24–70 F4 came with one body and it’s a great ‘event’ lens. My favorite lens is the 70–200 F2.8 IS EDIF… beau­ti­ful lens, flex­i­ble for the­atre (no need to switch lens­es), just stun­ning­ly sharp with beau­ti­ful soft back­grounds at 2.8. There’s a new ver­sion out Jan­u­ary 2010 that’s sup­posed to be even bet­ter.


I bought a 16–35 F2.8 that is fan­tas­tic as well. It has some cool wide ‘style’ to it, is great in low light. And it’s fair­ly flat (as much as pos­si­ble) at the edges, so it’s very usable for groups, etc.

Since I bought it all exact­ly what I need­ed, there’s noth­ing to sell off yet. Even­tu­al­ly I might sell my first gen 5D, which is full frame, but I keep it as a back­up in my car. I bought the Canon T2i for the HD video and as a light back­up sec­ond body, and for video and for megapix­els, it’s ter­rif­ic… but it’s built so light, you could­n’t use it as a main body.

Much of what I’ve been learn­ing over the last 2 years has been flex­i­ble, small light­ing. Check out Stro­bist and the book ‘Hot Shoe Diaries’ for that… and good luck!

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