I’m so for­tu­nate that I get to shoot in so many inter­est­ing places in Rochester. I remem­ber the time when the George East­man House folks asked me ‘Where (in the man­sion) did I think I’d like to take the por­traits’… I mean, that’s a loaded ques­tion! Every square inch of the place is beau­ti­ful; I had a hard­er time nar­row­ing down loca­tions than find­ing one.

Once a while back I was able to shoot from Col­gate Rochester Croz­er Divin­i­ty School’s bell tow­er… lots of pigeon poo, but a love­ly view and great shots with the bell. I was back at Col­gate today (they are get­ting to be such a great client), and even though I was there for ‘peo­ple’ shots, I could­n’t help grab­bing these building/window pho­tos.

I guess if you shoot super­mod­els, that must be eas­i­er than shoot­ing reg­u­lar workin’ folks… and for me, shoot­ing in these loca­tions is just a blast. 

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