Sev­er­al com­pa­nies have come out with these card read­ers for snap­shot cam­era cards (like my Nikon S10’s SD card).

I’ve found my mul­ti-for­mat read­ers have kind of a cheesy open­ing set­up for the small­er cards, so these are great as they are ded­i­cat­ed to the small cards and work smooth­ly.

But wait… there’s more. They are so small and of the thumb dri­ve for­mat (flash dri­ves), that they can dou­ble as thumb dri­ves with remov­able SD card mem­o­ry. So you won’t be stuck using a 256Meg Thumb­drive… and you’ll have a great use for your small­er cam­era cards. Win…win.

The Kingston you see above has the card go in on the left and the right side is a USB2.0 plug. It’s less than 3” long. I paid about $17 for this read­er with a 1 Gig Kingston SD card (a good brand) from

This read­er does the same as the Kingston, but has caps that stay attached and looks cool­er 😉

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