Color vs. B/W

Which to choose, why it mat­ters and how to best do the con­ver­sion

Is a Photo Better in Color or B/W?

The eter­nal strug­gle here at Huth­Pho­to is to decide if a pho­to is bet­ter in the orig­i­nal col­or, or a B/W con­ver­sion. Black & White is so clas­sic, and it real­ly helps to sim­pli­fy an image and focus the view­er on the shapes, ges­tures, etc.

Col­or can help the image feel more ‘real’ and move the view­er through the image (note how the red shirt makes a stronger tri­an­gle for the eye to fol­low).

I shoot col­or and con­vert, by the way, since start­ing with a col­or file gives us all the pos­si­ble options and tones to work with.

To con­vert to black & white, I use Sil­ver Efex Pro from Google (for­mer­ly Nik).

This image was tak­en at the Chica­go Art Insti­tute (we go to Chica­go year­ly to cov­er a huge event for JP Mor­gan, and I treat my team to side trips like to see the Vivian Maier show, or to the Art Insti­tute— you want to see some great B/W work, check out that link to what Vivian Maier did).

ani­ma­tion cre­at­ed with

learn more about Sil­ver Efex con­ver­sion HERE

at the Art Insti­tute of Chica­go

Which do you prefer and why— B/W or Color Images?

If you want to dis­cuss it— zip over to our Huth­Pho­to Face­book page and let’s talk!


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