A friend asked me how I was liking the OKI C5500n that I bought about 2 years ago.


The Oki isn’t tiny, but it fits nicely on top of my 2 drawer file cabinet. The back has a nice pass-through for things like CD labels that I do all the time.

I said:

I love love love the general idea on color laser.
The OKI has been OK… it hasn’t knocked me out of the world.. but OK. I’ve really loved the Xerox phaser thermals, but don’t know much other than the price is more. The quality I’ve seen is stunning.
On the OKI, they were crazy slow coming out with Mac drivers when their was an update (most every other company shipped drivers with the new software… OKI took like 6 months)… not an issue for you, but just a point.
The consumables are quite expensive, but still nothing like inkjet and for toner, I’ve moved to offbrand stuff from the ‘net (see Suppliesguys.com)

And you don’t just need toner, but we’re now needing new drums, which aren’t cheap. It was like 3 or 4 ‘double life toners’ and now we’ve  just done our first drum on the black (that’s most used).
I do like the build and features and general output. It works great on a variety of paper from glossy, heavy for flyers, to cheap everyday paper, to my CD labels.
It doesn’t really do totally photo quality… but close. Not like an inkjet.
The Xerox’s I’ve seen have been very close to photos from inkjet for like thumbnail sheets, or flyers.
Staples had a decent display with actual output samples that made a big difference for me.

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