A friend asked me how I was lik­ing the OKI C5500n that I bought about 2 years ago.


The Oki isn’t tiny, but it fits nice­ly on top of my 2 draw­er file cab­i­net. The back has a nice pass-through for things like CD labels that I do all the time.

I said:

I love love love the gen­er­al idea on col­or laser.
The OKI has been OK… it has­n’t knocked me out of the world.. but OK. I’ve real­ly loved the Xerox phas­er ther­mals, but don’t know much oth­er than the price is more. The qual­i­ty I’ve seen is stun­ning.
On the OKI, they were crazy slow com­ing out with Mac dri­vers when their was an update (most every oth­er com­pa­ny shipped dri­vers with the new soft­ware… OKI took like 6 months)… not an issue for you, but just a point.
The con­sum­ables are quite expen­sive, but still noth­ing like inkjet and for ton­er, I’ve moved to off­brand stuff from the ‘net (see Suppliesguys.com)

And you don’t just need ton­er, but we’re now need­ing new drums, which aren’t cheap. It was like 3 or 4 ‘dou­ble life ton­ers’ and now we’ve  just done our first drum on the black (that’s most used).
I do like the build and fea­tures and gen­er­al out­put. It works great on a vari­ety of paper from glossy, heavy for fly­ers, to cheap every­day paper, to my CD labels.
It does­n’t real­ly do total­ly pho­to qual­i­ty… but close. Not like an inkjet.
The Xerox­’s I’ve seen have been very close to pho­tos from inkjet for like thumb­nail sheets, or fly­ers.
Sta­ples had a decent dis­play with actu­al out­put sam­ples that made a big dif­fer­ence for me.

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