Colin's iPhoto Snap

Photo credit: Colin A. Huth

I love how kids don’t mind ‘breaking the rules’ and come up with some really cool shots. The iPhone also helps, because Colin can always grab it when we’re running around and take shots. I went to a talk on Digital Photography Future with Alexis Gerard at the George Eastman House, and the access to cell phone cameras is one topic of how digital photography is changing.

I had even mentioned this idea in an article on the future of photography for Element K Journals a few years back … when you always have a camera with you, and it doesn’t cost anything to take images, we take so many interesting images… and think differently about taking pictures.

Colin's iPhoto Snap Colin's iPhoto Snap

Doesn’t Colin has a good eye and a fun sense for photos. He’s 12 and we homeschool the kids.

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