Geva’s Christmas Carol 2013

There’s just an extra-fun spir­it to the cast of Christ­mas Car­ol at Geva The­atre this year (sor­ry for the pun!). It’s a great cast and the recent reboot of Rochester’s favorite Christ­mas tra­di­tion (with it’s true-to-Dick­ens ghost ele­ments and redemp­tion played up per­fect­ly) is fan­tas­tic and a joy to pho­to­graph each year.

  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_4984r
  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_6329
  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_6069r
  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_5170
  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_5299
  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_5367
  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_5621
  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_5818

This was also a spe­cial year at the show for Huth­Pho­to as my son Col­in, (his busi­ness is PhotoC4), was hired by Geva to shoot the show him­self for the first time. Col­in did an amaz­ing job and Geva has been using the pho­tos like crazy.

More pho­tos on Geva’s FB Page HERE and the full shoot is HERE in our online lab & by all means…get your tick­ets at Geva HERE!

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