Geva’s Christmas Carol 2013

There’s just an extra-fun spirit to the cast of Christmas Carol at Geva Theatre this year (sorry for the pun!). It’s a great cast and the recent reboot of Rochester’s favorite Christmas tradition (with it’s true-to-Dickens ghost elements and redemption played up perfectly) is fantastic and a joy to photograph each year.

  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_4984r
  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_6329
  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_6069r
  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_5170
  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_5299
  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_5367
  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_5621
  • ColinHuthPhoto CAH_5818

This was also a special year at the show for HuthPhoto as my son Colin, (his business is PhotoC4), was hired by Geva to shoot the show himself for the first time. Colin did an amazing job and Geva has been using the photos like crazy.

More photos on Geva’s FB Page HERE and the full shoot is HERE in our online lab & by all means…get your tickets at Geva HERE!

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