0315_GFphoto_Ken.jpg Photo by Greg Francis

I had the good fortune to be hired by JP Morgan Chase to shoot one portion of the Chase Corporate Challenge @ RIT today. PS: Note my new Canon EOS1D… lovin’ that camera.

I had a terrific time, and my contact Alan was fantastic to work with. It was great to hear all of the ‘Hi Ken’s’ from clients as they streamed past. Hope you all had a great run. It’s a fantastic event. I told someone it was like if every company held their office BBQ on the same day at the same place… and the money goes to local charities.

Thanks for the photos Greg!


See, I’m not kidding when I teach to get different angles… here’s my shot from that:


and the start of the race.

KAH_8177.jpg KAH_8178.jpgKAH_7969.jpg

It was great meeting everyone from the companies I was assigned to as well. (This shot was with the new 16mm zoom I bought with the 1D)

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