0315_GFphoto_Ken.jpg Pho­to by Greg Fran­cis

I had the good for­tune to be hired by JP Mor­gan Chase to shoot one por­tion of the Chase Cor­po­rate Chal­lenge @ RIT today. PS: Note my new Canon EOS1D… lovin’ that cam­era.

I had a ter­rif­ic time, and my con­tact Alan was fan­tas­tic to work with. It was great to hear all of the ‘Hi Ken’s’ from clients as they streamed past. Hope you all had a great run. It’s a fan­tas­tic event. I told some­one it was like if every com­pa­ny held their office BBQ on the same day at the same place… and the mon­ey goes to local char­i­ties.

Thanks for the pho­tos Greg!


See, I’m not kid­ding when I teach to get dif­fer­ent angles… here’s my shot from that:


and the start of the race.

KAH_8177.jpg KAH_8178.jpgKAH_7969.jpg

It was great meet­ing every­one from the com­pa­nies I was assigned to as well. (This shot was with the new 16mm zoom I bought with the 1D)

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