My Dad was just asking about all of the formats for CDs and DVDs. They have a new model iMac, so they can burn anything.

Maybe you wondered too. I’m sure a quick check of Wikipedia will give a more erudite answer, but this is a basic overview for the normal person needind to burn stuff to disk:
Use DVD for:
Lots of computer files (holds 5-6 times a CD)

DVD +R and DVD -R are both fine, I usually get -R as they are more common

Any speed that’s currently on sale is fine.

If you see ‘Dual Layer’ you really don’t need that. They hold twice as much, but burn slower and cost more.


Use CD R for:
Normal computer stuff, photos, backups, etc
Things you want anyone to be able to open on their computer
Holds 700 megs of stuff

CD-R is the normal kind

CD RW are rewritable and stay away from them. They cost more, burn slower, scratch more easily. Just use normal CD-R.

Hope that helps someone.

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