My Dad was just ask­ing about all of the for­mats for CDs and DVDs. They have a new mod­el iMac, so they can burn any­thing.

Maybe you won­dered too. I’m sure a quick check of Wikipedia will give a more eru­dite answer, but this is a basic overview for the nor­mal per­son needind to burn stuff to disk:
Use DVD for:
Lots of com­put­er files (holds 5–6 times a CD)

DVD +R and DVD ‑R are both fine, I usu­al­ly get ‑R as they are more com­mon

Any speed that’s cur­rent­ly on sale is fine.

If you see ‘Dual Lay­er’ you real­ly don’t need that. They hold twice as much, but burn slow­er and cost more.


Use CD R for:
Nor­mal com­put­er stuff, pho­tos, back­ups, etc
Things you want any­one to be able to open on their com­put­er
Holds 700 megs of stuff

CD‑R is the nor­mal kind

CD RW are rewritable and stay away from them. They cost more, burn slow­er, scratch more eas­i­ly. Just use nor­mal CD‑R.

Hope that helps some­one.

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