Sharing is nice (on Macs)

Ron just asked about easily transferring his daughter Annie’s music from his desktop to her account on his laptop (same computer, but I also note multiple-computer info too). Maybe this’ll help someone else too: Put the files here: Macintosh...
Photo Slideshows: PulpMotion and BannerZest

Photo Slideshows: PulpMotion and BannerZest

I use Boinx’s FotoMagico for my pro digital image shows. It has wonderfully smooth transitions and lots of features, but I just bumped into PulpMotion from Aquafadas software. Aquafadas has a slick little Flash program that’s part of the current MacUpdate...
Photo Slideshows: PulpMotion and BannerZest

Mac Leopard Quick Look Plugins

You know on the Mac when you want to preview something quickly, you hit the space bar and zoom, it comes up… Well, that doesn’t work for some things (zipped files, folders, etc)… so MacWorld did an article and here’s a site to add plug ins...
Photo Slideshows: PulpMotion and BannerZest

Mac Leopard Font Trick

I just accidentally grabbed the wrong part of a font palette and found this out. If you pull the little dimple at the top of the palette (which usually means something like a ‘drawer’ is hidden there), it exposes a font preview, so you can see how the font...

4 MacBook Pros

I was just hired by a friend to help his business and family set up 4 new MacBook Pro laptops… what a blast. And they are a whole ‘swithcher’ family. The Big Unboxing Here are some of the links I gave them: Learn, Get Deals, etc:
Photo Slideshows: PulpMotion and BannerZest

Photoshop and Leopard

Having a great time with Leopard… Quicklook is amazing (you can see a full-screen look at any document/photo/etc without opening any application…look at a Word doc without opening Word, see a photo preview instantly by clicking the space bar!). Anyway, I...

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