Quick update on my switch from Nikon to the Canon 5D.

Big View HERE
Just got done with a Geva show and two major things I noticed:

High ISO rocks!
It was wonderful to shoot most of the show (a VERY dark Sherlock Holmes mystery) at 800 and 1600 ISO, instead of thinking that 500 was OK on my Nikon D200 and really not liking ISO 800 on that camera. The Nikon would get mushy at high ISO, as well as the noise. The Canon gets less noisy, but more importantly, the subject stays solid looking, not mushy.
Also, my 2 D200’s both had big dead pixels at all ISOs and much worse at 800.

The Canon Focuses!
Man, I blamed myself for years with the Nikon, and had ‘backfocus’ problems… but the new camera shows me that the Nikon was just crummy at focussing.

So I’m very happy.

I will complain about Canon things in some post too, so stay tuned for the down sides…

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