Quick update on my switch from Nikon to the Canon 5D.

Big View HERE
Just got done with a Geva show and two major things I noticed:

High ISO rocks!
It was won­der­ful to shoot most of the show (a VERY dark Sher­lock Holmes mys­tery) at 800 and 1600 ISO, instead of think­ing that 500 was OK on my Nikon D200 and real­ly not lik­ing ISO 800 on that cam­era. The Nikon would get mushy at high ISO, as well as the noise. The Canon gets less noisy, but more impor­tant­ly, the sub­ject stays sol­id look­ing, not mushy.
Also, my 2 D200’s both had big dead pix­els at all ISOs and much worse at 800.

The Canon Focus­es!
Man, I blamed myself for years with the Nikon, and had ‘back­fo­cus’ prob­lems… but the new cam­era shows me that the Nikon was just crum­my at focussing.

So I’m very hap­py.

I will com­plain about Canon things in some post too, so stay tuned for the down sides…

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