Q: A friend asked if I had any thoughts on getting a good BW laser printer to use with his Macs.


A: Ken Said

I liked my old HP… I did have issues with it sucking in speciality stuff properly over time (like envelopes going in double, etc). But it was a nice unit. At this point, you really might want to just go for a color laser and choose BW option (we have a ‘BW cheaper’ preset made on all our Macs… to save the money. But the color units are so common and reasonable in price. I LOVE the output quality of my OKI C5500 and I compared lots of units and really liked it better than the color HPs in the same price range for graphic arts stuff. BUT their Mac support is dismal (I’m actually the one who had to come up with a Kludge for using it without drivers under Leopard… and I told them what to recommend!) And they still don’t have a decent, easy driver out (since Tiger!)… So my next unit will be a Xerox Phaser I think, although it’ll double my per page cost. I do use generic toner in the OKI and that’s gone pretty well. After 2 years, I have needed to replace drums which wasn’t cheap… If you only want BW, do check out the HPs. I was always buying the smallest ones meant for small business/home office… not the ‘consumer’ units… so maybe that’s part of the issue as well, I usually was paying a fair amount for my model and then did like the output. I think they all come with Ethernet at that level too.

Hope that helps some.

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