Q: A friend asked if I had any thoughts on get­ting a good BW laser print­er to use with his Macs.


A: Ken Said

I liked my old HP… I did have issues with it suck­ing in spe­cial­i­ty stuff prop­er­ly over time (like envelopes going in dou­ble, etc). But it was a nice unit. At this point, you real­ly might want to just go for a col­or laser and choose BW option (we have a ‘BW cheap­er’ pre­set made on all our Macs… to save the mon­ey. But the col­or units are so com­mon and rea­son­able in price. I LOVE the out­put qual­i­ty of my OKI C5500 and I com­pared lots of units and real­ly liked it bet­ter than the col­or HPs in the same price range for graph­ic arts stuff. BUT their Mac sup­port is dis­mal (I’m actu­al­ly the one who had to come up with a Kludge for using it with­out dri­vers under Leop­ard… and I told them what to rec­om­mend!) And they still don’t have a decent, easy dri­ver out (since Tiger!)… So my next unit will be a Xerox Phas­er I think, although it’ll dou­ble my per page cost. I do use gener­ic ton­er in the OKI and that’s gone pret­ty well. After 2 years, I have need­ed to replace drums which was­n’t cheap… If you only want BW, do check out the HPs. I was always buy­ing the small­est ones meant for small business/home office… not the ‘con­sumer’ units… so maybe that’s part of the issue as well, I usu­al­ly was pay­ing a fair amount for my mod­el and then did like the out­put. I think they all come with Eth­er­net at that lev­el too.

Hope that helps some.

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