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We’ve done two waves of file pho­tog­ra­phy for Isaac Heat­ing and Air Con­di­tion­ing. Our client said that after years of hir­ing an ad agency, they could­n’t under­stand the val­ue it added to a pho­to shoot, so con­tact­ed and worked with us direct­ly (sav­ing them mon­ey, giv­ing them direct input into the project, and allow­ing them to work with a new pho­tog­ra­ph­er— me!)  We  cre­at­ed a long-term file of images that they used to redesign their web site & ads. They also cre­at­ed new  pages for their region­al branch­es and sub-divi­sions.

Why a File Shoot?

The abil­i­ty to walk away with a file of hun­dreds of images that are not fake ‘stock pho­tos’, but exact­ly what you want, with your peo­ple, approved for any future use, is wild­ly effi­cient and cost effec­tive for clients.

With two days of shoot­ing in Rochester, then sev­er­al more days work­ing the entire Upstate NY region, we cov­ered 5 sites for the client. They just hoped to get some quick build­ing pho­tos of the region­al offices, but we were able to deliv­er the build­ings, staff pho­tos, facil­i­ties and even some sales and work­ing sit­u­a­tions to add some real val­ue.

Enjoy a peek at some of the over 300 images we deliv­ered and thanks to every­one from Ray Isaac on down. What a fan­tas­tic busi­ness. My team was thor­ough­ly impressed with their staff, train­ing, atti­tude and qual­i­ty. 

  • KAH_4762
  • KAH_5007
  • KAH_5155
  • KAH_5498
  • KAH_5543
  • KAH_5671
  • KAH_5981
  • KAH_6177
  • KAH_8400
  • KAH_0264
  • KAH_6209
KAH_47621 KAH_50072 KAH_51553 KAH_54984 KAH_55435 KAH_56716 KAH_59817 KAH_61778 KAH_84009 KAH_026410 KAH_620911




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