I just had a great experience where I was able to turn 30 minutes of downtime at a shoot into some special.
The kids had been learning about digital photography (kudos to the Hillel School and the Rochester City Schools for this after school program) and so, since the kids asked politely and seemed really interested, I let them play a bit with the D200.


    Yup, he’s actually •touching• my bag…wow!

These kids were great and they really connected with the idea of how a series of stills played back rapidly becomes animation (I reffed the ‘Wallace & Grommet’ movie and they shot bursts of images that we played back on the LCD.)

Kids-Bunny ears-RCSD
We rapidly moved on to ‘Bunny Ears’ and ‘Goofy Faces’ as the art du jour.
Sometimes I stress when shoots are running behind. I’m glad this time I just let these kids be kids, and maybe they saw a bit of how fun shooting can be.

Kids-Toungue out-RCSD

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