(why you should­n’t use an image right out of the cam­era with­out prep­ping it)

I try to be clear with clients about how impor­tant it it to ‘Prep’ pho­to for pub­li­ca­tion, not to just run a shot right out of the cam­era. I think this makes a great side-by-side point of why…
When you only see the cam­era image with noth­ing to com­pare it to, it doesn’t look too bad, but when you see what it could be, it makes a huge dif­fer­ence. This image will be on the cov­er of an invi­ta­tion, so they knew it would be impor­tant to have the pho­to prepped.

Cost this improve­ment… just $10.
Check out some more dra­mat­ic ‘Before & After’ exam­ples I’ve post­ed HERE.
This was a series I shot for the YMCA Annu­al Report & File. Mary Kay Wal­rath at the Y is awe­some, and lets me shoot tons of what­ev­er takes my inter­est and then has some ter­rif­ic design­ers that use the pho­tos well. Look for my pho­tos on a ‘Y’ Bus in Rochester soon!

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Wow! What a dif­fer­ence. Great exam­ple.

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