(why you shouldn’t use an image right out of the camera without prepping it)

I try to be clear with clients about how important it it to ‘Prep’ photo for publication, not to just run a shot right out of the camera. I think this makes a great side-by-side point of why…
When you only see the camera image with nothing to compare it to, it doesn’t look too bad, but when you see what it could be, it makes a huge difference. This image will be on the cover of an invitation, so they knew it would be important to have the photo prepped.

Cost this improvement… just $10.
Check out some more dramatic ‘Before & After’ examples I’ve posted HERE.
This was a series I shot for the YMCA Annual Report & File. Mary Kay Walrath at the Y is awesome, and lets me shoot tons of whatever takes my interest and then has some terrific designers that use the photos well. Look for my photos on a ‘Y’ Bus in Rochester soon!

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Wow! What a difference. Great example.

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