Ok, maybe I’m just try­ing to escape the edit­ing I’m sup­posed to be doing for the Flander’s Group (that’s their por­trait ses­sion on the screen)… But I was so jazzed by how Aper­ture lets me edit that I want­ed to write about it.
With my dual screen set­up, I can devote one screen to the orga­ni­za­tion stuff and the oth­er is then free for see­ing images… what a great way to work.

I can open up a series of big thumb­nails (10 is a good num­ber) and rate them. If I need to see some detail, hit­ting the tilde key (~) opens the lupe, which works just like a real pho­to, glass lupe used to (not zoom­ing the whole image like Adobe’s Light­room beta does.)
Going through a series big is easy too. I just select a thumb­nail on the left screen and then scroll through the series using the arrow keys.

Edit­ing bliss

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