Pho­to Cred­it: Lydia Huth

I just wrapped up a great Reunion for the doc­tors and nurs­es at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Rochester. I did two cool Wow! Pre­sen­ta­tions for the Nurs­ing Reunion and after they offered free copies to the atten­dees.

How many peo­ple signed up for VHS copies?
You don’t need a Mag­ic 8 Ball to guess that most peo­ple want DVD, but even I was sur­prised to see the num­bers: 40 DVD’s and only 2 VHS tapes. And this was a 50 year group, who you’d expect to be the lat­er adopters of the new tech.

So that tran­si­tion is over. Plan for that if you need to give out media to the pub­lic. I’m thrilled, since DVD’s ship bet­ter, dupe faster and are a bet­ter prod­uct in all respects.

In sim­i­lar news, I don’t think any­one has men­tioned shoot­ing film in over a year now… I bought my last 20 rolls of film around Christ­mas 2004 and nev­er used them up, so I gave what was left to my Moth­er-in-Law.

Won­der what’s next? If you know, leave a com­ment below!

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