Yes, the pre­sen­ta­tion I’ve been hint­ing at in ear­li­er posts was on the first dig­i­tal cam­era as devel­oped by Kodak in 1976… it was an awe­some pre­sen­ta­tion and a real peek at his­to­ry.

This is the mis­sion state­ment of the ‘Cam­era of the Future’ project.

TV Out­put

Kodak Dig­i­tal Mile­stones

It record­ed to cas­sette tape.

As you saw in the ear­li­er posts, I was­n’t the only one geek­ing out on see­ing the cam­era… what’s so cool about being the pho­tog for GEH is being able to go up on stage and get the cool angles, and to meet the peo­ple involved… what a great event. It was all part of a Leica sym­po­sium held at GEH.

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