I look even goofi­er than usu­al doing it, but if you want to real­ly tune in to how light will be hit­ting your sub­ject, just look at how it hits your hand… and watch as you move your hand to dif­fer­ent areas.
Above was pret­ty good light, and mov­ing to a slight­ly dif­fer­ent angle was bad (this was ‘open shade’ and the light was most­ly ref­elect­ed into the area from the sun­ny yard, walk, etc)

and the final area I decid­ed to shoot, the light was best at the same angle I first saw:

So side by side (good, bad, good):

and then the final pho­tos using that handy light:

This shoot was the begin­ning of the Trib­ute to Al and Car­olie Simone at RIT… I went over to Lib­er­ty Hill and scoped out the best loca­tion and did fam­i­ly pho­tos for the Simones.

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