39 Steps (A Hitchcock Farce) @ Geva

We were run­ning a bit behind on the tech for the final dress of 39 Steps, but that gave me some extra time to dial in my light set­ting and enjoy just being part of a show with a wacky cast. See­ing the work that went into get­ting just the right pitch for the ‘dead body’ from the bal­cony, or roman­tic times with the mar­i­onette sheep, keep us laugh­ing till we got to thir­ty min­utes, places and time for cur­tain. Here are some of the casu­al shots as we rehearsed. (click for larg­er view)


  • JOHN GREGORIO as Richard Han­nay
  • AARON MUNOZ as Clown #1 (mean­ing many, many roles!)
  • JOEL VAN LIEW as Clown #2 (dit­to)
  • MONICA WEST as Pamela/Annabelle/Margaret ( a Rochester NY native)

Full Cast & Crew Cred­its with more about Geva The­atre Cen­ter HERE

See all the pho­tos from 39 Steps big HERE and past Geva shows on my gallery site HERE

Enjoy a peek at this won­der­ful­ly wild show:

  • HuthPhoto-KAH_3881
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_3550
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_3759
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_3815
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_3491
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_3868
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_3937
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_3802
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_4127
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_3992
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_4196
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_4018
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_4024
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_4057
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_4112
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_4375
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_4463
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_4556
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_4618
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_4651
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_4659
HuthPhoto-KAH_38811 HuthPhoto-KAH_35502 HuthPhoto-KAH_37593 HuthPhoto-KAH_38154 HuthPhoto-KAH_34915 HuthPhoto-KAH_38686 HuthPhoto-KAH_39377 HuthPhoto-KAH_38028 HuthPhoto-KAH_41279 HuthPhoto-KAH_399210 HuthPhoto-KAH_419611 HuthPhoto-KAH_401812 HuthPhoto-KAH_402413 HuthPhoto-KAH_405714 HuthPhoto-KAH_411215 HuthPhoto-KAH_437516 HuthPhoto-KAH_446317 HuthPhoto-KAH_455618 HuthPhoto-KAH_461819 HuthPhoto-KAH_465120 HuthPhoto-KAH_465921


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