Just What Your Business Needs:

a complete project for $1000 or less (available in Raleigh/Durham NC area only)

1 Great Website

The Challenge

You’re busy doing what you know best— running your business—but now you have to create a web site, or pay someone to do it.

On top of that, you know there’s something more you’re supposed to be doing with social media… How can you reach more people?

Finally, you realize, you also need the content for your site, and your Facebook and email blasts or Twitter posts.

So we’ve created a solution that makes so much more sense.

The Solution

Why not start with a photographer that can help you pull off the whole thing for $1000 (as low as $500 on small sites)? 

We’ll talk over your needs, then suggest a plan to get you a complete site, with all the photos you need— including a photo file to use for your social media.

We’ll capture great photos of your team, your location, and what you do. Amazing shots that show the world what makes your business the best.

With our web experience, we’ll point you toward free/inexpensive web sites that looks first class (not like the cheesy GoDaddy or YellowPages templates)— let your stress go waaay down.. we’re on it!

Want to know more?

or scroll down to read more & see example photos

We Start With Amazing Business Photography

Add 15 years of web design experience

Build a social media image file if you need

+ We give you tips for a great year online

Owner & Staff Portraits

Awesome Moments


Your branding on photos that get noticed

Want to know why you need a great website with HuthPhoto images?


More Engagement With Great Photos

Great Visuals Are Understood 60,000 x Faster Than Text


Bump when consumers see photos in search results

Times you've pulled your hair out trying to do this stuff yourself

Mobile Sites Boost Sales By 50%

Mobile Refresh

Your site can be built flexible for smooth mobile viewing. Even on the free sites we’ll recommend.

You'll actually enjoy the process.

We chat with you about your goals, show you some extremely cool templates that fit your industry and plan a quick 1-3 hours of photography to grab what is needed for your site.

And you can even reuse the photos!

We know what photos you’ll need and we’ll supply them to you after the site is done approved for other uses like ads, social media, etc.—A huge bonus.

Coffee & A Chat

we love talking about this stuff!
  • how to improve your web presence
  • using social media with photography
  • tips on taking great photos
  • camera buying tips for a business
  • yep, free

1 Great (small) Site

a couple of pages & less photos
  • something every business can afford
  • up to 1.5 hour photography
  • we’ll suggest a free/inexpensive (still very cool, we promise!) website like these
  • or we’ll work with your web designer
  • also perfect for a social media file
  • your total price including hosting will be $500

1 Great Site

bigger site & larger file of photos
  • about the cost of an inexpensive web design, but with all the photos
  • up to 3 hours of photography included
  • free reuse of the images for your ads, social media, etc
  • we’ll help you get started on a national-class website host like Squarespace or work with your designer
  • you have total control of the site & we’ll give you tips and get you started
  • your totally price, including hosting will be $1000

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